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Wood table detail - Furniture design

Atelier Constant is a studio which values and represent handcrafted products and nature-friendly materials performed in low quantities. The handcrafting goes hand in hand with an eye  for detailing and results in eccentricity in every single piece.

Because of these values Atelier Constant is picky on the source of the materials. In the first collection there appear materials like wood, aluminum, bent plywood and wool.

The wood used for this collection is Elm. This particular species, Elm, are suffering from a fatal, rapidly spreading, disease in Holland and further in Europe. This fatal germ, dates back to 1920. To decrease the spread of the ‘Dutch Elm disease’ infected trees are cut or re-grafted. Only these trees are being watered and after use within the pieces of Atelier Constant.

Aluminum is another nature-friendly material due to its long-life cycle without decreasing in quality. In addition, the secondary production consumes up till 95% less energy. This makes aluminum a very sustainable metal type.

Thereafter wool and felt is a natural product and its manufacturing process has a low environmental impact, when compared to other fibers. After use it can be safely removed since it is 100% biodegradable.

The use of natural resources is accompanied by specific care. For further information on treatments of the products we are happy to advise.