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General terms and conditions

Last updated [02/01/2022]

The general terms and conditions stated in this document are valid from 2022 February 1st till present.

Article 1 – Production and Delivery

  1. Since Atelier Constant works with local craftsman and personal crafting production time can vary. Estimated delivery time will be communicated after a request of any objects available on the website, presented by a store or gallery, and communicated to potential client within two working days.
  2. Estimated delivery time will be given by distributor, gallery or shop, where the order is placed. Atelier Constant communicates production time to distributor. For any object ordered of Atelier Constant by external companies the final delivery time relies on the carrier company and is not Atelier Constant’s responsibility.
  3. Delivery time will be confirmed by Atelier Constant and no reseller can give full guarantee on delivery time upon order. Once production time is clear, the exact delivery time will be given by distributor, gallery or shop, to client where they ordered the object.
  4. Atelier Constant does not take care of logistics, by which client needs to reach out to distributor to have information about the delivery. Atelier Constant is not responsible for any damage or delay made, after the pick-up, by courier company.

Article 2 – Guarantees

  1. Atelier Constant offers information about treating the objects. Take these recommendations carefully. If these regulations are not taken care of, Atelier Constant is not responsible of deterioration in the quality of the materials of the objects.
  2. Since Atelier Constant works with experienced craftsman quality is guaranteed. Although by using natural elements imperfection is self-evident. By purchasing an object of Atelier Constant client approves on any of these defaults. Before the pick-up on location, all of the ordered objects are checked and approved and sent. If during transport the objects get damaged, Atelier Constant is not responsible.
  3. Atelier Constant offers a guarantee of one year after date of delivery. If parts of electronic objects break or get missing within this period, purchased with Atelier Constant, client can request a new one, Atelier Constant takes care of these costs, delivery is excluded.

Article 3 – Refund & source

Atelier Constant handles a no return policy. Since objects will be pre-ordered and after go in to production, Atelier Constant cannot accept any type of refund. The only exception is when product is damaged or

  1. Since Atelier Constant works with a diversity of different natural materials, Atelier Constant cannot guarantee the exact esthetics of the ordered object. Please take in to consideration that every natural element is different and will not match the presented image fully. The digital representation of the materials is exclusively used as an illustration and do not represent every unique piece’s esthetics that will be produced, ordered and delivered to client.
  2. Given the natural materials inherent in each design, slight variations between samples and finished goods should be anticipated.

Article 4 – Payment

By placing an order through reseller or directly through Atelier Constant, client agrees to pay company all charges at the price communicated with purchase. If not, Atelier Constant is not obligated to delivery.

Article 5 – Treatment

  1. The guarantee is only applicable if client treats product with care. By purchasing object(s) of Atelier Constant client agrees to respects product treatments stated in ‘treatment product’ and stated in.
    This document can be found in the boxing of all products. Herein is stated how to treat the product to avoid damage or movement. Since all products are made from natural resources or delicate fabrics they require certain treatment to maintain the quality of product.
  2. All products purchased at Atelier Constant are exclusively meant for inside, if not stated differently on product presentation. Once product is delivered to client, Atelier Constant does not cover any kind of damage stated below:
    – Exposure to extreme temperature, may cause movement of the wood
    – High humidity or moist environments, may damage the materials
    – Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, may cause change in pigment
    – Structural/superficial damage due to misuse or abuse, and general wear and tear

If client does not take these instructions Atelier Constant is not responsible for any kind of damage nor are the guarantees applicable.

By purchasing an object of Atelier Constant client agrees and is aware of these general terms and conditions.